The meeting will provide a unique opportunity for bioengineers, clinicians and scientists to discuss the challenges presented by temporomandibular joint disorders, and to devise strategies to address those challenges. Register today!


The overall meeting objective is to organize a scientific conference exclusively dedicated to the TMJ, and to advance the field of TMJ research and strengthen the continuity among clinicians, scientists and bioengineers in this pursuit.
This overall objective will be addressed by the following specific objectives:

  • Provide recommendations to the NIDCR TMJD Program on novel scientific approaches and critical research topics that will advance the field.
  • Establish a benchmark for current treatments and scientific knowledge.
  • Bring outside perspective from experts in areas pertinent to TMJ research.

You Should Attend If…

  • You are not currently in TMJ research, but are looking for new and relatively unexplored funding areas where you can apply your research strengths.
  • You are currently a TMJ researcher and want to keep up with the latest advances in the field.
  • You are looking for collaborators in TMJ research.
  • You are a bioengineer, and want to know the practical needs of surgeons and patients.
  • You are a clinician, and want to understand the capabilities of the engineering community.